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I'm here to help.

Let me guide you to better a web. Together we'll create a website that works for you.

Responsive Web Design

A responsive website is essential when attracting new clients and interest. My modern responsive approach ensures that the websites I design format themselves for the best presentation possible whether the device is a desktop, tablet, or mobile phone.

Intelligent Analytics

Without a good web analytics system, it's impossible to make intelligent, informed decisions. I'll show you how to use Google Analytics so that you can make the best decisions possible for your online business and/or brand.

Online Advertising

Alot of the time a good online advertising campaign can be the difference between boom and bust. One of the main keys to any online advertising is having accurate data so that you can make the best decisions possible.

Real Reviews

written by real clients of R:

"Ryan created a beautiful and well organized website for me and took over my google adwords. He has an understanding of google adwords and how to best utilize it that would probably take me years to learn. He would explain how he was setting it up and explain in plain English what was working, what wasn’t, and most importantly how to address it."

- Brent Snyder
"It has been such a pleasure working with you to set up my website. I know that with your professional touch it will be a huge success."

- Justin Brackett
"Ryan’s design service is very professional in the design and implementation of our new website for our food truck business. We had fairly complicated ideas and requests for Ryan to handle and he did so in a timeframe that we were more than happy with. He completed our project with plenty of time to spare for tweaks and modifications."

- Byron Sambot

Site Portfolio

These are some of my favorite recent designs:


A responsive Twitter Bootstrap based site using Javascript, PHP, HTML & more.


A Visual Studio site using MVC, custom modules, JQuery, MSSQL, & WURFL.


This Bootstrap site started it all and uses PHP, Javascript, CSS, & more.


A custom HTML website with stunning photos and smart CSS & Javascript.


Another responsive Bootstrap based site using Javascript, PHP, HTML & more.


This custom HTML website features a custom chalkboard menu system.

About R.

Hi! I'm Ryan. I have an educational background in marketing and logistics and a love for computers, technology, coding, and the internet. My unique blend of experience, education and knowledge provide me with a modern actionable approach to the internet and marketing.

I have a wide amount of experience in programming primarily with the following laguages/technologies: HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, JQuery, MVC, VisualStudio.NET, LESS, Razor, PHP, WURFL, Masonry, MSSQL server, and more. I have setup many CMS based sites using platforms such as Wordpress, Joomla, Dropal, etc. Additionally I'm an expert on programming and deliverying modern responsive email campaigns.

My main hobby outside of computers is motorcycles. I compete in AMA Pro Flat Track series in the GNC2 class on a modified Honda CRF450r. Other interests include music, delicious food, good drinks, and riding bicycles.

How I got here:

(in case you're interested)

  • SPRING 2001

    Overture lights a fire.

    Before college I decided to invest my small savings into a new company called Overture. Overture had an innovative idea called pay-per-click advertising. Overture was since acquired by Yahoo and the acqusition helped pay for my education. The power of the internet became apparent and my interest took root.

  • May 2006

    I'm a College graduate.

    I graduated from the University of Tennesse with a bachelors in Business Administration. My focus was a duel concentration in marketing and logisitics. In particular, I was very interested in digitial and online marketing.

  • January 2007

    My skills develop.

    Over the next seven years not only do I expand my coding skills but also my understanding of marketing on the internet. While my work experiences varied from being an art director, to a director of marketing, and even a Genius for Apple, they all helped me develop my afore-mentioned skills.

  • July 2014

    Designed By R Begins

    A friend was seeking help with web design/marketing and I obliged. Not only did we create BrentSnyderLaw.com but this project also started what was to become Designed By R.

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R's Device Lab

Windows 8 Desktop

DESKTOP - This desktop uses a monitor with a resolution of 1920x1080. This size is one of the most common resolutions.

iPhone 5s

MOBILE - The iPhone 5s has a retina screen that is rendered at 2x size. This means that the display resolution is 320x480.

iPad Mini

TABLET - An iPad mini has a display resolution of 768x1024 and just like the iPhone, it renders at 2x resolution.

One Plus One

PHABLET - The phablet is an increasingly popular device size. This One Plus One has a resolution of 1080x1920 and renders at 3x size.

Macbook Air

LAPTOP - MacbookAirs are a popular mid-screen option with a resolution of 1440x900. This is Apple's last non-retina OSX based machine.

Nokia 520

LOW RES MOBILE - The Lumia 520's pixel density is low making this a great device to test low resolutions.


iOS6 and above


2.2 and above


10.4 and above


XP and above

In addition to the above OSes and devices, I also test on the Windows phone platform. Furthermore, I'm an expert at creating responsive email campaigns for multiple platforms such as Outlook, Gmail, Apple Mail, and more.

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